Dr Marelle Harisun

Dr Marelle Harisun has been involved in the Dialogue of the South Australian Roman Catholic and Uniting churches for more than a decade, and in that time also has represented the Uniting Church on South Australian Council of Churches, as member and chair of the Executive Committee. She has been Uniting Church co-chair of the Dialogue for about a decade. Marelle has been involved in decision-making bodies of the UCA at congregation, presbytery, synod and assembly levels, and was General Secretary of the SA Synod for 6 years as well as holding the same position in the Western Australian Synod for one year. She also has been an administrator in Education in SA and worked in universities in two states. She represented the Synod of SA at the Receptive Ecumenism III Conference in Connecticut, USA, and now is Secretary of the SA Synod Ecumenical Relationships Committee. Marelle holds postgraduate qualifications in Education and Theology and is adjunct staff of Flinders University School of Theology.