Kathy McEvoy

Kathy McEvoy joined the UC/RC Dialogue in 2017. Her experience of intercommunal violence while growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland has been a catalyst for an abiding interest in ecumenical dialogue and action, seeing it as a deeply religious quest as the spirit moves through each, finding common ground and peace.

Kathy has been a leader in the Catholic Church; in the Diocese of Port Pirie, serving as Director of Catholic Education and in the Adelaide Archdiocese as lay member on the Diocesan Pastoral Team of Archbishop Leonard Faulkner and Chancellor for Mission with Archbishop Philip Wilson.

Currently she is Co-Chair of the Trustees of Kildare Ministries, a PJP (Public Juridic Person) of the Catholic Church, engaged with 10 Catholic Colleges and 3 Community Works in SA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland.