This dialogue group of six Roman Catholic and six Uniting Church representatives  are part of an ongoing discussion which seeks to gain a deeper appreciation of each other’s traditions. There has been discussion of many topics of mutual interest.

The group is based in Adelaide, South Australia, with some members  travelling long distances to meetings from country South Australia.

Crying Out

Exploring the Statement from the Heart and care for the environment


These are resources that have been written by the dialogue group over a number of years. Some are papers for study and reflection, while others are designed for group study.

Outside Resource Links

  • Dialogika is an online library that provides a comprehensive cyber-archive of official statements, historical documents, educational resources, and current information on Christian-Jewish relations.
  • The document “Problematical Christian Hymns” emerged out of conversation amongst Christian members of the Australian Council of Christians and Jews.

Membership of the Dialogue

Includes a list of dialogue members since 1990, along with profiles of the current members.

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