Receptive Ecumenism in Practice

A Paper prepared by the Dialogue of the Roman Catholic and Uniting Churches in South Australia for the Receptive Ecumenism IV Conference in November 2017.


In this paper, The South Australian Dialogue of the Roman Catholic and Uniting Churches (SADRCUC) reports on their activities 2014-7, studying documents about Receptive Ecumenism as our major focus, so that we could discover ways we could encourage congregations to engage in receptive learning. We developed a statement and a diagram and encouraged two pairs of local congregations (RC AND UCA) to work together as action research on RE. We report on the outcomes of this work. We also studied the World Council of Churches (WCC) document “The Church: Towards a Common Vision”, in order to discern where an understanding of RE could enrich this resource for member churches and sent our response to WCC Faith and Order Commission. The workshop reports on the contrasts between the work of RE in a rural and central capital city, together with a resource leaflet describing our theoretical and practical ideas for use in congregations seeking to discern the gifts brought by each other.


Download the full paper as a PDF – click here.